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Day Camp.

Twin Oaks Day Camp is indeed a place that smiles…
A place where having fun is the name of the game, and the game is always fun.

Twin Oaks Day Camp offers a unique, age appropriate camping experience for children ages three to thirteen…an experience that combines swimming, sports, arts & crafts, woodworking, theatre, music, Late Nights and interacting with new friends. Our campers stay with us for several years, many going on to our Counselor-In-Training program. Our Campers become members of the Twin Oaks family…a family that is happily growing everyday.

Twin Oaks campgrounds include four playgrounds, a physical fitness center featuring a climbing wall, ball wall, a rope bridge, tennis, and basketball courts, a multi-purpose rink, playing fields, bunks for each age group, two heated pools, a pool slide, air conditioned dance studio and crafts centers, and lots of room to romp.

Each week at Twin Oaks Day Camp there’s a new fun theme in which the campers in every age group participate. Whether it be Survivor Week, with out survivor sports competitions, or Hollywood Hoopla each group has a chance to “show off their stuff” and actively participate and enjoy themselves as a group and as individuals.

Every day is "Funday"!


The Barney Program (Ages 20 to 30 months)


This is the perfect introduction to the Day Camp experience for your toddler. They are placed in small groups according to age with one-on-one supervision. Our mature staff create the safe, accepting and warm environment that parents have come to expect from Twin Oaks.

Twin Oaks Tots is a complete separation experience. You drop off your toddler on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. and return at 12:00 p.m. to pick them up. For those hours your child is ours to sing with, dance with, play ball with, bake with, create with, splash* with, and just plain have fun with.

Now your toddler can wear a Twin Oaks T-shirt and a smile, as they experience the magic of Twin Oaks Day Camp.

*Splash Time will include one-on-one supervision in the small pool with instruction by our trained water safety instructors.


Ages 2 ½ to 4 years old

This may be your child’s first camp experience and at Twin Oaks we go out of our way to make each individual child’s experience a happy one. We introduce our youngest campers to game concepts and skills training with the help of our athletic director. We use adaptive equipment and reduced field size so that the children remain motivated and experience success each step of the way. Children are exposed to music, dance, age appropriate arts and crafts, and theatre designed to encourage interaction with their peers.

Our specialized swim instruction is designed to make the preschooler feel comfortable in the water and develop swimming skills at their own pace.

This program is available on a full day or ¾ day basis; two, three, or five days a week. All groups are supervised by an adult group leader and maintain a staff camper ratio of 1 to 4.


To help us meet the diverse needs and interests of campers in this age group, we create separate groups for boys and girls. All campers are given an opportunity to experience a full scope of activities with instruction and program variety customized for each specific group. Our specialized sports program is structured to include activities that challenge and interest our campers, as well as continue to teach them basic skills. Our swim instruction is based upon ability and is aimed at making children feel comfortable in the water as well as teaching basic skills in our larger pool. This program is offered five days a week on a full day or ¾ day basis.

A diverse camp experience is enriched with arts and crafts, culinary arts, theatre, music and group fun included in the children’s day. A special evening of swim, carnival rides, outside entertainment and dinner is offered at this kindergarten age level. Everyone enjoys “Late Night”.

First Grade

As our campers grow so do their abilities and needs. At this age we begin to introduce our campers to an even more diverse and challenging camp experience. Campers are introduced to the full range of athletic activities including sports, games, and clinics aimed at perfecting sport skills, and tennis instruction on our own courts. A number of specialties are now included in the program such as jazz, newspaper writing, and fine arts and crafts. Free swim and instructional swim are included everyday with an opportunity for children to swim and learn at their own pace.

Children entering first grade also experience the fun of “Late Night”. Game Show, extra swim, carnival rides and dinner round out an exciting evening.

This is a five full day program only.

Second Grade

251Our second graders begin to enjoy off-campus events as well as their daily camp schedule of sports, games, theatre, arts and crafts, music and swim. Activities include off-campus bowling, karate and Indoor Amusement Centers. These well supervised outings twice a week allow the children a “grown up” experience and a new way to learn and mature. Second graders not only have the opportunity to join the cast of our Summer Musical, they can also participate in our after camp Soccer competition called Watermelon League.

“Late Night” for second graders includes game show, carnival rides, extra swim and pizza dinner with a surprise dessert.

Third and Fourth Grade

Our Senior Division has it all! Along with all our fabulous on-campus activities we have exciting off-campus extras – three times a week. Our campers enjoy tennis instruction at Carefree, Karate at Goshinkan Dojo and bowling at Wantagh Lanes. As an added attraction there are also scheduled field days and barbecues at a park.

Our fourth graders are introduced to the Gemini on a two night optional trip to a Dude ranch or hotel in upstate New York.

These activities, including participation in our year-end “Broadway Show”, “Late Night”, After Camp Watermelon League and Inter-Camp Games, make your camper’s Senior Division years at Twin Oaks unforgettable adventures.